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By | 22/09/2016

We have always looked for a Personal Wealth Manager who does not charge us expensively but instead Effectively Manages and Tracks our Finances, Monitors our Investments, fcadf134-be5e-4ac6-8d7b-ced29fc6d06bGuides and Stands for Risk Free Income.                                                                                                    MoneyMindz-Free Financial App assists you to SPEND, SAVE and INVEST SMARTLY.

Consulting Financial Advisers/Investment Planners is a Costly and Risky Process and moreover one need to be cautious while hiring a Financial Adviser. In present market we find a lot of fraudulent happening around and Investment advisers are not that reliable to be trusted upon. Some Financial Advisers / Agents don’t care whether the product will benefit you or not, as long as it fills in their pockets with big fat commissions or variable pay. Some Advisers try to sell those products to clients on which they earn higher commissions, irrespective of the client’s investment objectives. This could fill the portfolio of many investors with numerous Policies, Stocks, Mutual Fund Schemes, etc. Although man
y might feel that this might make their portfolio well-diversified, it actually leaves them with a sub-optimal portfolio in terms of quality and asset allocation.

Most of the times we end up buying Policies or Investing in a wrong schemes and products thereby ending up losing money and we surely do regret after that.

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Then, why go to such an adviser?

Install MoneyMindz-Free Financial Freedom App

An App that gives Free Financial/Investment Education and Advisory and provide you with quality guidance on:

  • Investment Planning and Financial Advisory:

 MoneyMindz-Financial Freedom App is the best financial advisory app as it lays out a smooth investment path for consumers who are looking forward to investing in multiple products available in the market.

MoneyMindz-Financial Freedom App educates customers with the features and benefits of the investment products, allows them to assess whether they suit consumer risk profile and investment objectives / financial goals.

  • What Product to Buy/Where to Invest:

By installing MoneyMindz-Financial Freedom App consumer can choose products with due diligence which would benefit them by achieving your financial objectives and goals thereby secures your financial future. With Investments opportunities in mainstream products like Insurance, Loans, ULIP’s, Capital Markets and Mutual Funds etc. Customers can avail the benefits of 46+ Financial Products and Policies.

  • Advice on Best Products/Policies according to your need:

MoneyMindz-Free Financial App enables you to get unbiased advice on different range of products available in the market.

Consumers can get in touch with our Expert Financial Advisers team who will advise you in step by step process of financial planning, clearing your doubts, avail replies for your investment related questions, know risks and benefits of products that a consumer anticipates to invest in. Tips on efficient earning techniques by investing in Stock Markets which is one of the most risky market to invest into.

  • Manage your portfolio:
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Investing in a single Investment Scheme/Financial product is a risky call as one can earn profits to the enormous extent or lose money by huge margin. Therefore, With MoneyMindz – Financial Freedom App safeguard your investments by diversifying your portfolio with expert advisory on investments in multiple products. Our Expert Advisory team analyses Customer profile and needs thus suggests them the products they need to invest for being benefited at the best.

  • Calculate Expenses: Tax Planning is an integral part of financial management. With MoneyMindz – Financial Freedom App we have made it available to calculate tax and EMI by yourself through Financial Calculator. EMI’s, Interest Rates on Loan, Premium calculation etc. Can be possible through this feature.
  • Market and Investment News: Be updated with the current market prices, trends, demands and tips. MoneyMindz-Financial Freedom App allows you to be updated with the market information and fluctuations by timely market checks.

With our all in one MoneyMindz-Financial Freedom App these benefits can be enjoyed at your fingertips. Just like our concept SPEND, SAVE and INVEST SMARTLY we believe that Investment planning is just as important as deriving savings. We assist our customers right from the beginning of their investment journey by making them aware of the financial market, educate them with market trends, advise them with suitable products and enable them to invest in multiple products till they make decent gains out of their investments.

Personalize Your Financials Too, Explore this Unique and free Advisory service by Downloading MoneyMindz-Financial Freedom App.

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