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“Let’s say goodbye to the year 2016. New Year 2017 is waiting, where one can embark on a long, healthy and happy life.

Health Insurance comes into the picture, because changing your health related habits, no matter, how good or bad you are is impossible.  Remember, your mind and body is not a commodity, it is a temple and must be worshipped.

Kinds of Health Insurance:

Insurance taken up to protect the policyholder from health issues is Health insurance. It can be categorized into many types like:

Individual Health Insurance: Hospital in India is offering good medical facilities. Due to increase in facilities, cost of healthcare has risen. Moneymindz gives valuable advice to customers in India, making sure you take health insurance and be financially prepared for any situation.

Family Health Insurance:  A unique policy, covering entire family and cheaper than individual insurance. Moneymindz gives personalized financial guidance to customers in India take up quality health insurance. It covers the entire expense like surgical cost, pre-post hospitalization, expense, and others.

Unit Linked Health Plan (ULHP):

A sweet combination of health insurance and market linked plans. ULHP does consider age, gender, health, disease and others.

Returns from the ULHP will be paid at the end of the policy term. Moneymindz give advice to customers in India relating to health insurance.

Challenge Your Health New Year Resolution With Some Creative Steps:

The major Health insurance New Year resolutions @Moneymindz is given below:

  • Challenge Your Insurance Premiums by saying no to smoking: A Policyholder (smoker) will need to pay, more premium compared to non smoker, because of health related issues. Moneymindz guides policyholder to take up genuine health insurance.
  • Goodbye To Stress : Money mindz gives personalised guidance @health insurance for people in India. They take health insurance and say goodbye to stress, insomnia, heart disease, poor diet and others.
  • Kick out Alcohol: People in India face health related issues due to binge drinking (People consuming 5 /more in a day) is on high. Money mindz offer good advice to customers in India to take up health insurance and get rid of worries.

                   So be healthy mindz with Health Insurance advice from Moneymindz.

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