Imagine you have got lot of wealth; however you do not know to manage it. Can be frustrating, but not to worry. Tax planning advice given at Moneymindz is good in getting you out of trouble.  Goodbye 2016, 2017 will be the year, where customers will do smart tax planning to save their hard earned money. Concept revolving analysis of your financial situation from customer’s point of view, to plan finances in a systematic manner is called Tax Planning.

Types of Tax Planning:

There are two kinds of tax planning making waves in India.

Tax Planning For Salaried Professionals:

Employees in India do not know to manage their finances. At this juncture, tax planning is the major tool to manage financial resources. Moneymindz offers priceless advice to executives, salaried professionals. Some of conditions for Section 80C reduction are as follows:

  • You must have public provident fund.
  • Should have National Savings Certificate.
  • Must have fixed deposit with banks/post office in India.
  • Paying tuition fees for education of child.
  • Having equity linked savings certificate (ELSS).

Tax Planning For Business/Elite Class:

Various tax planning services are available for the business/elite class in India. It consists of companies/organizations having elite ranks like MD, CEO, Vice Presidents, Business Magnets and others. Moneymindz offers valuable financial service and financial assistance. During this scenario, Certified Financial Planners are allotted to high profile clients on an exclusive basis.

Most of the Certified Financial Planners at Moneymindz are well trained and communicate using telephone/email/chat support, helping the esteemed clients with various tax related documents.

Certified Financial Planners are good in undertaking tasks like:

  • Tax planning
  • Research in investment and financial opportunities.
  • Regularly monitoring financial plans of clients.
  • Updating with changes in market.
  • Compliance and accounting requirements.

 Advantages of Tax Planning:

Tax planning is good for various reasons like:

  • Helps in reducing the tax liability.
  • Helps in good investment.
  • Encourages investment in a productive fashion.
  • Economic stability
  • Mitigate the risk component.
  • Helps in overcoming inflation.

Disadvantages of Tax Planning:

  • You will incur surrender charges.
  • Complicated to understand.
  • Illegal things take place in the name of tax planning.
  • Risk factor may/may not get covered.

Hence, I would say that Moneymindz is best place to get advice on tax planning in India.

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