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Establishing a business is not an easy task. Situation in which business is protected from losses due to changes in the regular functioning of the business is business insurance.

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Category of Business Insurance:

Business Insurance is divided into many parts like:

Professional Liability Insurance: It is good in covering business against risk, negligence, mistakes taking place.

Property Insurance:  Insurance taken to protect the property/assets is known as the property insurance. It is consisting of equipments, tools, computers, printers, Xerox machines, and other office equipments for growth of your business.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance: A good compensation for the employee in form of disability allowance, death benefits, and medical treatment is worker compensation. It is an essential component for growth of business.

Home Based Business Insurance:  Many business enterprises do start their business at home, known as home based business.  India has approx 60% of home based industries and business insurance cover business and property damages.

Business Interruption Insurance: When there is a problem, the business work gets affected. There are problems like business losses, employee strike, and other issues. Business interruption insurance protects the interest of the companies/firms /organization in a systematic manner and compensates.

Vehicle Related Insurance: Vehicle must be insured in order to protect against any problems. In many situations, if the employees are using their own vehicles for business, then their personal insurance covers them during accidents.

Super Assistance Policy: A unique situation, to protect your company from super losses. It helps in offering extra coverage for you and your company. India's First Free Online Financial Advisory

Advantages of Business Insurance:

Some of the positives of business insurances are follows:

vIt helps in offering employee satisfaction and security.

vEncourages savings and investment.

vPromotes employment opportunities among small and big business.

vGood in protecting your assets/business in a logical manner.

vProviding ultimate shield, from losing the money, going bankrupt.

vEnhances your business activities and potentials.

Disadvantages Of Business Insurance:

Negatives of the business insurance are given below as follows:

vThe scope of the business insurance is very limited.

vLead to increased crime activity for beneficiary to receive the insured amount.

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