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Welcome 2017 and make your house a wonderful place. A unique insurance introduced in order to protect your house, dwelling against any damages is the home insurance. Furthermore, the home insurance is good in offering, protection to the family members in India.

Moneymindz is having financial advisor to guide in home insurance.

Need of the Home Insurance in India:

Home insurance is the major component consisting of content insurance, dwelling coverage insurance and building insurance. Let’s analyse the concepts:

Building Insurance: A unique policy covering damage to your building components like roof, walls, floors, fixtures, fittings, components in kitchen is known as the building insurance.

Dwelling Coverage Insurance:  A procedure, where repair of house, take place and it consists of plumbing, electrical repairs, working on garage, shed, fencing, expanding storage needs, garden set up, fountain set up, terrace repairs, dwelling coverage, fire protection, security systems and others, comes under this feature.

Content Insurance:  A unique cover given for the commodities/goods/items of the individual house is the Content Insurance. It covers items like furniture, curtains, radio, carpets, vessels, cycle, bikes, cars, electrical appliances, cameras, microwave ovens, jewellery, clothing, TV, sporting equipment’s, toys and others. Your friend’s items do not get included in the terms and conditions of content insurance. It is only good for home owners and tenants. It consists of replacement value and the old for new items.

MoneyMindz.com India's First Free Online Financial Advisory


What Is Coverage Required For Me?

The home insurance coverage required for a person is influenced by the following:

·        Nature of house you live in.

·        Cost of your house.

·        Location of your house.

·        Value of your property/asset.

·        Cost of rebuilding house if you suffer from any loss.

Standard Features Of Home Insurance Policy:

The standard features of the home insurance policies in India are as follows:

·        Covering the cost of entire house.

·        Offering cover to additional structures.

·        Replacing/compensating your lost belongings.

·        Protection against property damage/ injuries to member of the house.

·        Covers additional living expenses.

·         Installation, removal and repairs of sprinklers.

·        Protects against water leaks/seepages.

·        Bursting and overflowing of water tanks, pipes and apparatus.

·  Protects your jewellery, musical instruments, and antique pieces with all risk coverage.

·     Coverage against riots, fire accidents, burglary, floods, terrorism and the natural calamities.

·        Deals with the medical payment coverage, resulting from an accident.

·        Offering proper roof and wall replacement.

Advantages of Home Insurance:

Various advantages of the home insurance are as follows:

·        Helps in protecting your personal property against any damages.

·        Your investment is protected.

·        Offers the ultimate peace of mind and makes you stress free.

·        Purchasing more than one policy from same insurance company will make your discount very higher.

Disadvantages of Home Insurance:

·        On an average, the premium of home insurance is very high.

·        Jewellery cost coverage is high.

·        Does not cover terrorism, flood and some natural calamities.

·        Do not cover freezing and plumbing related issues.


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