January 7, 2017


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MoneyMindz.com India's First Free Online/ on-call Financial Advisory

MoneyMindz.com India’s First Free Online/ on-call Financial Advisory

A unique scenario covering the surgical and medical expenses of the individual is known as health insurance.  India is a developing nation and health is a major area of concern. Various health insurance companies are spreading in India at great pace.

Moneymindz is India’s only on-call financial advisor on health insurance.

Kinds Of Health Insurance:

There are various kinds of health insurance available as follows:

Individual Health Insurance:   A procedure, where in health insurance is offered to a person looking for treatment is the Individual Health Insurance.

Family Health Insurance:  Offering cover to members of the family is the family health insurance. It covers the head of the family, wife and children. There are many situations; where in parents of the policyholder also has been included.

Dangerous Illness Health Insurance:  People are exposed to various diseases. Some of the diseases like cancer, heart attack, kidney failure, strokes, artery diseases, sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, serious burns and others. Insured person once diagnosed with critical illness gets huge amount, as per the policy terms and conditions. 

Health Insurance For Senior Citizens:  Insurance taken in order to protect the senior citizens in India is known as Senior Citizens Health Insurance. It has got a very small waiting period. The chances of renewal of senior citizens insurance plan is zero. No doubt, the premium cost will be very higher. 

MoneyMindz.com India's First Free Online/ on-call Financial Advisory

Diseases Not Covered Under Health Insurance:

Some of the major ailments not covered under health insurance are as follows:



ØGenetic Disorder

ØDental issues

ØTobacco related disease

ØCancer—Advance Stage



Advantages of Health Insurance:

ØA person is eligible for the cashless facility, while getting admitted to network hospitals.

ØIdeal for people belonging to poor and middle class.

ØOffers superior outpatient care, without getting admitted to the hospitals in India.

ØEnsured peace of mind for the patient.

ØYou get the flexible insurance coverage.

ØMost of the health insurance policies in India come with the income tax benefits under the Section 80 D.

ØPolicies can be renewed on a yearly basis.

ØWhen you get hospitalized, the pre-hospitalization charges also get covered.

ØDuring death of insured person, relatives will get benefits.

So, be healthy and live a good life with the health insurance. 


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