January 16, 2017

MoneyMindz.com India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory

MoneyMindz.com India’s First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory

The brilliant process of saving, spending, organizing, overseeing the cash utilization in a logical manner is Money Management.

Money Management—Need At Present:

Proper management of money plays a vital role in avoiding various problems. Indians understand the value of hard earned money and love to save them.

Moneymindz.com is good in providing unbiased advice in the field of money management to the people of India. We help the common man to invest the hard earned money and achieve growth.  

Hence, they would understand the value of hard earned money. Making a good budget is the major portion of money management.  


Growth of science/information technology, has affected money management in India. In today’s world people are very busy and do not have time to check their finances. Moneymindz is India’s best financial advisory company offering best advice in money management.

Simple Guidelines For Money Management:

Set Your Target: To have superior money management, you must have strong financial goals/targets. You must analyse, about your financial requirements, and ways to achieve them. There are three goals namely

ØShort Term Goals: Goal achievable with in a year.

ØMiddle Term Goals: Goal achievable between one to six years.

ØLong Term Goals: Goal achievable within span of ten or fifteen years.

  Create Your Personal Budget: You must be very watchful in planning your budget in an orderly manner. It is the personal budget, where in your household expenses and other miscellaneous expenses are taken care of in a systematic manner. You can carry out some steps given below like:

ØInformation about current monthly expense, fixed and variable.

ØMinus your expense for the month from current income earned.

ØStick to the budget for some time till you want a new one. 

Be Organized: Nothing looks good, if your financial position is not good. You will not know where your salary is being spent. You must keep a file/document dealing with present and past details. Bank statements, amount paid, amount received, statement of credit cards must be arranged in organized manner.

Role of Financial Advisors: The unbiased money management advice is offered by Moneymindz.com. A person advising on various financial products to customers and lead them in save their money is known as the Financial Advisors. Furthermore, offers the highest level of advice in areas like loans, real estate, insurance, investments, and others in a systematic manner.

Advantages Of Money Management:

The major advantages of money management are given below as follows:

ØIt helps in saving more money and spending less money.

ØGood in giving peace of mind.

ØAlways good in managing your debt in a systematic and satisfactory manner.

ØHelps in boosting your self-belief and plan your next move in a logical fashion.

ØHelps in saving money for retirement benefits.

ØPlays a vital role in avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Hence, India can become a developed nation and people can become stronger with money management. It is the supreme tool in the financial world to keep your money protected.

This Article Credits to Ms Syedani Farheen edited by MoneyMindz.com


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