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Process of taking the money from various investors for investing in bonds, stocks, shares, debentures in a logical fashion is the Mutual Funds. Some people take a guess and purchase and interestingly, they succeed.              

However, some people, not knowing about financial products will take mutual fund and suffer. Moneymindz comes into this scenario, as we have a wonderful team of certified financial planners giving valuable advice to people in India regarding Mutual Funds.

Advantages of Mutual Funds As A Financial Product:

Some of the advantages of the mutual funds are given below as follows:

Choice of Schemes:  Mutual funds do have lot of schemes. Some schemes are complicated, and some are easy to understand. Moneymindz consists of huge team of financial advisors giving advice to people to rearrange your hard earned money.

Transparency:  Mutual funds are certified by different financial agencies in India. This makes it easy for customers/investors to do comparison of the mutual fund policies in a logical fashion. You get to known Net Asset Value (NAV) along with fund related details and other financial updates.

Tax Benefits: Various forms of investment are done under mutual funds by investors in India. These investments will be considered out of the tax net.

Well Regulated: Most of the mutual fund schemes will be registered with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). Strict rules are laid by SEBI to protect investors and promote them. Mutual funds are always under SEBI radar, so corruption is out of question.  

Tailored Service: Mutual funds do offer user friendly website, with customized service to get all info about your account. You can call Moneymindz and our certified financial planners will advise in buying and selling of mutual funds. India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory

Cost Variations:  Mutual funds offers level playing field for people in India to invest. You can invest in low cost mutual funds to the highest cost mutual funds, as per your financial capacity.

Flexible In Nature: Most of the mutual funds schemes are flexible to cater to citizens of India. One can go ahead, redeem and purchase mutual fund shares, do online trading, or give call, send email to associates to known about product.

Transparent In Nature: Mutual fund policies are very transparent in nature. It is reviewed by many rating and publication agencies. Regular updates along with information on fund related holding helps to enhance capability of the mutual funds in India. 


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