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We know that the stock market deals with stocks and shares. You need to have complete details of financial concepts at your finger tips. To do the transactions, the traders will have to register with the stock exchange. Many traders set up the account using the brokers / financial institutions, trading on their behalf.

Account used to deal with the profit and loss of a business establishment is known as the trading account. These kinds of accounts are supervised by the fund manager, investment dealer and the personal traders.

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Motive behind Opening Trading Account In India:

Stock markets have become more online compared to offline trading since 2000. Hence, it is very important to create a trading account. In the present scenario, most of the investors can buy and sell using phone/online. Trading account is the new concept in the financial world and it is bound to create lot of waves in the world of financial markets.

 How to Open Trading Account?

The means to create trading account are as follows:

ØYou need to select the stock broker/firm to open trading account.

ØYou must give details like name, age, address, to set up trading account.

ØPlease compare the brokerage rates, as you will pay fee for processing your orders.

ØFill up the account opening form and attach all the relevant documents.

ØYour application will be verified through phone/in person.

ØAfter processing your trading account is created and you can conduct trades in stock market.

Essential Documents Needed To Open Trading Account In India:

Following are the key documents required to set up a trading account like:

Ø Aadhaar ID Xerox

ØPassport  Xerox

ØDriving License Xerox

ØElection Commission ID Card Xerox

ØPAN Card Xerox

ØSmart Card issued by CSD Canteens

ØPassbook  of Bank/Post office Xerox

ØRation Card With Address Xerox

 Salient Features of Trading Account In India:

Trading account comes with amazing features like:

ØThe primary stage in creation of the final account of a business/trading company.

ØBalance of trading account is transferred to profit and loss account.

ØNet sales and original cost of products are recorded.

ØGross profit and Gross loss can be disclosed by trading account.

Hence, the trading account is the ideal platform to keep track of your shares, equities and other financial products in India.


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