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Children are the creation of god. Children always take you to your childhood times. So as a parent, protecting the health of the children is the number one priority. Child Insurance comes into the picture and you cannot ignore that. Selecting an insurance policy for the children is the best way to protect their future.

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Tips To Consider While Taking Good Child Insurance In India

There are various factors while selecting good child insurance plan in India. Some of them are given below as follows:

Choose A Plan Offering Premium Waiver:  Go ahead and take plan offering premium waiver benefits. These plans are ideal, at a scenario, when breadwinner dies, future premiums will be either paid by the insurance company or will be waived.

Flexible Child Insurance: Most of the child insurance, taken is very flexible in nature. It assists in switching the investments from one policy to another and allows you to make the most of market conditions. It also helps you to protect from market realities in India.

Ask Your Friends/Colleagues: Without a shadow of doubt, you will meet your friends, colleagues at a community hall/favourite place. They will also tell you about good child insurance available in India.

Compare Insurance: A good step will be to compare various child insurance in India. You will get idea on various policies and the hot deals, available in the market. Good in getting good package at a very reasonable price. 

Case Study:

1. Mr. Kumar has 18 years old son and his son is interested in perusing nuclear science in the US. Mr. Kumar did not invest in the child plan, when his son was a kid. Unfortunately, his son had to cancel study in the US and pursued study in an Indian University.

2. Mr. Singh has 18 year old son and he is willing to study nuclear science in the US. Fortunately, he gave child plan to his son, at the age of 6 years. His son’s future got secured and is pursuing nuclear science research in the US. Hence every little drop of water, became an ocean, and helped in growth of his son to take up higher studies.

Make sure you take best child insurance cover, for protecting your kid and shape the future. 



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