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Imagine you are travelling by bus, to go to office and work. After some years, you purchased a car with your hard earned money. You purchased the car and shared the information on social media sites.

You also celebrated the occasion with your friends and relatives In India and abroad. However, you forgot to take up the major thing, the car insurance. This can be very disgusting at times and can eat into your bank account, if you suffer from any accident. Not to worry, Moneymindz is giving valuable free advice to citizens in India about car insurance. We have high-quality financial advisors to assist you in choosing the best car insurance.


Why People like To Have the Car Insurance in India

Diverse reasons are there for people living in India to have good car insurance, given below as follows:

ØYou get fabulous coverage with additional features.

ØDedicated 24/7 customer support to assist in your claims.

ØFaster repairs done to take care of your cars.

ØHelps in covering damages, theft related issues relating to your car.

ØThe personal accidental coverage will be applicable to the driver and co-passengers of the vehicle.

ØYou get the claim related bonuses in this kind of insurance.

ØConsists of the Third Party Liability (TPL), good in offering coverage against collision and other legal issues.

ØGood in taking care of your hospitalization related expenses like fractures, surgery, shocks/trauma, bleeding, and other injuries.

ØPeople like to take car insurance by registering online and hence end up paying low premiums.

ØMost terrible thing happening in an accident involving your vehicle will be the loss of your life. Car insurance helps in taking care of your family expenses, after the loss of breadwinner in the family.

ØHelps in getting rid of the mental stress and gives peace of mind to the policyholder.  

ØMost of the car insurance policies in India can be renewed and upgraded online, once it is purchased.

ØProvides the Zero Depreciation, helps in offering reimbursement regarding depreciated value of the components of car, damaged during accident.

ØCar insurance also has good consumable cover; consumables like fluids, brakes, nut, bolts, coolants, engine oils can make your bill look gigantic. Proper consumable cover plays a crucial role in keeping your expense under check.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab car insurance right away and drive safely.


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