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MoneyMindz.com India’s First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory

Purchasing a house is a distant dream and many people use their complete savings to earn the money. Furthermore, you need to protect your house from any untoward incidents. Not to worry, home insurance is offering coverage to your beautiful house.                     

Moneymindz is the one stop centre, where the personalized financial guidance is offered to the customers regarding home insurance. 

Finding Right Home Insurance:

Home Insurance is the main insurance concept, gaining importance in India.

Sum Assured: A good home insurance will have three components like building, land and property costs in India. You need to select genuine home insurance policy.

For Example: If the market value of your house is 1 Crore, the cost of construction of house is 40 lakhs. You will be insured for 40 lakhs.

Ownership: In order to purchase a goodHome Insurance, you must have ownership of the house.If there is loss of property, then owner will sustain huge financial losses.

Check Market Values: Home insurance is solely influenced by the changes in the market related fluctuations.

Dwelling Coverage: It is one of the major aspects of the home insurance in India. Dwelling coverage consists of insuring actual house, plumbing, heating, air-conditioning and other features.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: Major concept of the home insurance will be to protect your property/assets in India. You can save your house by protecting from the damages like smoke, fire, damage, violence and others.

Medical Coverage: Medical payment is the major part of the home insurance in India. It covers the bills for minor injuries and the major injuries, happening to people living in your house.

MoneyMindz.com India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory

Exclusions Related To Home Insurance In India:

Some of the exclusions relating to Home Insurance in India are as follows:

«Wilful destruction of the property.

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«Rare paintings, antiques, work of art.

«Attack by the terrorists, hooligans is not considered. 

Liability Coverage By Home Insurance:

The liability coverage done by the home insurance consists of the following:

«Storm, cyclone, typhoon, floods, hurricane and others.

«Overflowing and bursting of the water tanks and pipes.

«Landslide, earthquake coverage

«Damages due to fire, bush fire

«Theft coverage

Advantages of Home Insurance:

«Your Investment will be protected

«One can get good policy for low monthly premiums.

«Play a vital role in reducing stress levels

« Takes into account emergency house repairs

«Replacement of damaged goods

«With superior add on coverage you get more protection. 


Make your house, a home sweet home and protect near and dear ones.


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