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It is truly said that your health is in your hands. Just by having good food, drinking water and jogging on a regular basis, you cannot have a good health. You need to safeguard your family’s health in a systematic manner by taking the genuine health insurance. Many health insurance companies in India are offering health insurance coverage in a methodical and orderly fashion.

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Nature of the Health Insurance Coverage In India:

Critical illness: Health insurance coverage is offered by health insurance companies in India. The coverage of critical illness is chief one. Various critical illnesses are covered by health insurance in India. They are given below as follows:

«Heart Attack

«Multiple surgeries

«Kidney failure

«Bypass surgery



«Replacement of heart valves

«Neuron diseases and so on. India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory

Cashless Treatment:  The major initiative of the health insurance is the cashless hospitalization.     Cost of healthcare has increased considerably and your salary is unable to match up to that level. One needs to get admitted to network hospital in order to avail this advantage. The coverage will be up-till the limit specified by insurance company. If you take patient outside network hospitals offering cashless hospitalization, then you does not qualify.

Pre and Post Hospitalization:  A good health insurance will consist of the coverage of post and pre-hospitalization. It is influenced by the type of health insurance plans/policies that are taken in India. 

Co-Pay Facilities:  The major feature of any health insurance plan is known as the co-pay facilities. Procedure, where in policyholder will pay some percentage of the amount from his/her pocket for health care related services. This play a major role in saving lot of money for the policyholder, as all medical expense/treatment expenses does not come on policyholder.

Family Floater Policies: One can go ahead and include your family members against multiple diseases under a single coverage. They offer, certain assured amount, that can be used, when your family members gets admitted to the hospital.

Room Rentals:  During the hospitalization, going in for the private room/single room/ shared rooms holds the key. Going in for private room/single room with higher end facilities is always good. It would be nice, if your policy covers the room rentals.

Renewable Insurance Policies: Duration of the health insurance policy is the foremost factor in taking up good health insurance policy in India. Your health can get worse, so make sure that health coverage, premium taken is very reasonable. You must renew the plan after one year by paying relevant premiums. Furthermore, one must go in for a plan, having renewal facilities and stick to the plan for some years to reap the benefits.

Hence, health insurance in India is coming with various types of coverage. You must try to select the proper health insurance coverage suiting you and your family. 


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