January 30, 2017


  • MoneyMindz.com India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory
  • MoneyMindz.com India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory
  • MoneyMindz.com India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory

India is a land of tremendous opportunities. This nation has grown by leaps and bounds, ever since obtaining independence in 1947. We are showing lot of improvement in various fields. Talking about economic growth and development, five year plans have been playing a pivotal role in development of Indian economy.

Finance is the major part of any business and people from various walks of life apply for jobs in various business enterprise. However, few lucky ones get into regular 9am to 5pm jobs. Not to worry, those who are not able to get good company oriented jobs, they go in for the establishment of their own business. This is known as start ups.

Moneymindz is equipped with finest personalised financial advisers offering quality advice in financial matters.

The business growing up with limited capital and manpower is known as start up companies. India is a base for various start up companies present and do require lot of finance to manage one in a systematic manner. 

Popular Ways To Fund the Start Ups In India are:

Family and Friends: Friends and family play a pivotal role in providing strength/motivation/power for an individual to set up start ups. They play a vital role in setting up a commanding company base in India.

Bootstrapping:  A unique business term, where in one can start business without any external assistance. Most of them prefer starting business on their own as it helps in raising money.

Funding Websites:  The existence of various websites raise lot of money for the development of various companies in India. Furthermore, it also helps in problem resolution regarding financial issues in a logical fashion. 

Impact Investors: These classes of people are traditionally very rich and invest in any organization. They do not mind in investing in the start up companies, where returns will be very less. 

Investors:     People who are very rich and offering the financial assistance for establishment of business start ups/companies/enterprises in a systematic manner. These people are traditionally rich and might claim ownership.

Bank Loans: Various banks are set up in India offering loans at attractive interest rates in India. They have got financial expertise and offer loan with security/loans without security as well.

Accelerators: There are lot of establishments acting as the mentors, guides, leaders, finance coaches, playing a unique role in offering assistance to start companies in India. They offer financial /non financial assistance to owners, of the new start ups in India. They work for a fixed duration and time and make sure that the start up grow and develop in a systematic and satisfactory manner.


So, like others, are you going to run behind a bank for loans or be unique and take bold steps for creating a start up In India? I leave this question to readers.


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MoneyMindz.com India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory

MoneyMindz.com India’s First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory

Retirement is one of the major concepts of our lives in India. Consider a situation that you are working for a company, and earning lot of rupees. After showing your loyalty to the company for many years, a final day will come when the sun sets on you.

Yes, I am talking about the retirement planning. It is very difficult for a person, working in an organisation to digest the fact that you are going to retire. The need for a spectacular financial plan to have a retirement planning for a citizen of India has gained importance in the recent times.  The family structure has changed considerably in India, where in era of joint family system has changed and now we are having the nuclear family set up in India. 


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èBest Retirement Plan: Selection of a correct retirement plan is vital for people going for investments. You must start planning        for retirement, the moment you start earning the money.It helps you to select in on a good retirement plan. 


èSave From Taxes: The retirement plan that you choose must be good and save you from tax net. You must also know fact that understanding income tax rules, helps you to overcome the income tax liability and create more money. 

èDo Not Forget Inflations: Cost of the essential commodities has increased considerably. This play a pivotal role in selecting proper retirement plans in India. Medical costs are very high, and hence your retirement plan must be able to bear expenses in a systematic manner. 

èLife Expectancy: You must have a clear idea, about the life expectancy of an average Indian. It is very difficult to predict, the average life of an individual. Various kinds of healthcare related issues do crop up. Hence take up a retirement plan suiting your requirements in a logical fashion. 

èSet Your Realistic Targets: After retirement, life should look rosy. Furthermore, various tasks can take place like your son’s marriage, daughter’s education, grand children’s schooling and others. Keep lot of funds for medical expenses and do a logical assessment on yourself.

èWary Of Market Fluctuations: The investment is major thing and be wary of the market fluctuations in India. Do investment in financial products, but make sure that it is genuine. Unit linked Insurance Plan (ULIPis a superior plan, playing a very major role in protecting your requirements. 

èGood Emergency Plan: You must have proper plan to get rid of emergency situations. Lot of money is required at this stage of life. Improper government policies and retirement benefits forces one to have a good retirement plan.

èSpectacular Protection For Wives/Kids: Family of the policyholder holds prime importance. Your wife and kids take centre stage and taking up good retirement scheme/benefits play a major role in giving them protection. 

èAttend Seminars On Retirement Planning:  Just because your active working life ends do not mean that you can relax. Go to nearest community hall/centre and attend seminar on retirement. This play a major role in deciding time for retirement.

èManage Your Stress Level: You need to take the help of Moneymindz personalised financial experts, advising in order to give you more control on your finances and future in a logical fashion. 


So make your life after work also count and build a golden nest.


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  • MoneyMindz.com India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory
  • MoneyMindz.com India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory
  • MoneyMindz.com India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory

There are various investors available in India. Most of the investors have entered the Forbes richest persons in the entire world. Some of them have become very rich and some have become highly successful in the world.

Moneymindz is one step ahead in offering personalised financial advice in successful investments in India.

We find investors in various fields like education, iron and steel, agriculture, cements, agriculture, forestry, milk, animal husbandry, real estate, finance, BPO’s, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Tourism, Hospitality.

Successful habits of the Successful investors in India are as follows:

èAccurate Expertise:  A good investor will have good expertise in their line of business. Due to this they will have a clear vision and mission. They will have complete knowledge and information on various aspects of work. This helps in taking good financial decisions.

èList of Goals: You must have set of goals a good investor will always have a good financial backing. The Goals can be defined into three types namely the:

ÜShort Term Goals: Goals to be achieved in shorter duration.

ÜIntermediary Goals: Goals that is set, and will be achieved little further away

ÜLong Term Goals: To be achieved after 5, 10 years 

èUnderstands The Market Scenario: An excellent investor in India definitely will understand the market scenarios, in a systematic and satisfactory manner. Depending upon that will invest in the relevant segment/sector in India.

èBeing Very Proactive: Most of the investors in India are very energetic and proactive in nature. Hence, they seek best invest options, best way to achieve their targets. They will keep updated with the company policies/procedures in a logical fashion. 

èDevelop A Plan and Loyalty: Most of the investors are having a positive approach to investing in many segments. Develop a plan in a logical fashion and stick to it. These play a major role in enhancing your skill and play a vital role in growth of that segment/sector.

èAfter Tax Returns: The successful investors think about the type of market to be targeted and stick to it for some time. Hence it is vital to understand investment and the nature of the investments in a logical fashion.

èBe Diversified: Most of the successful investors do know that diversification play a major role in crisis situations.

For example: People, who were investing in 2009 in IT segment, changed course and invested in other segments.

èDo Not Panic: A good and successful investor will never panic in adverse situations. He/she will try to find green patch during such situations. This will play a vital role in enhancing the growth and development of many successful enterprises in India.


Hence, one can say that planning, consistency and sharp implementation can play a vital role in showing desired results.


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