• India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory
  • India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory
  • India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory

There are various investors available in India. Most of the investors have entered the Forbes richest persons in the entire world. Some of them have become very rich and some have become highly successful in the world.

Moneymindz is one step ahead in offering personalised financial advice in successful investments in India.

We find investors in various fields like education, iron and steel, agriculture, cements, agriculture, forestry, milk, animal husbandry, real estate, finance, BPO’s, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Tourism, Hospitality.

Successful habits of the Successful investors in India are as follows:

èAccurate Expertise:  A good investor will have good expertise in their line of business. Due to this they will have a clear vision and mission. They will have complete knowledge and information on various aspects of work. This helps in taking good financial decisions.

èList of Goals: You must have set of goals a good investor will always have a good financial backing. The Goals can be defined into three types namely the:

ÜShort Term Goals: Goals to be achieved in shorter duration.

ÜIntermediary Goals: Goals that is set, and will be achieved little further away

ÜLong Term Goals: To be achieved after 5, 10 years 

èUnderstands The Market Scenario: An excellent investor in India definitely will understand the market scenarios, in a systematic and satisfactory manner. Depending upon that will invest in the relevant segment/sector in India.

èBeing Very Proactive: Most of the investors in India are very energetic and proactive in nature. Hence, they seek best invest options, best way to achieve their targets. They will keep updated with the company policies/procedures in a logical fashion. 

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èDevelop A Plan and Loyalty: Most of the investors are having a positive approach to investing in many segments. Develop a plan in a logical fashion and stick to it. These play a major role in enhancing your skill and play a vital role in growth of that segment/sector.

èAfter Tax Returns: The successful investors think about the type of market to be targeted and stick to it for some time. Hence it is vital to understand investment and the nature of the investments in a logical fashion.

èBe Diversified: Most of the successful investors do know that diversification play a major role in crisis situations.

For example: People, who were investing in 2009 in IT segment, changed course and invested in other segments.

èDo Not Panic: A good and successful investor will never panic in adverse situations. He/she will try to find green patch during such situations. This will play a vital role in enhancing the growth and development of many successful enterprises in India.


Hence, one can say that planning, consistency and sharp implementation can play a vital role in showing desired results.


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