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Retirement is one of the major concepts of our lives in India. Consider a situation that you are working for a company, and earning lot of rupees. After showing your loyalty to the company for many years, a final day will come when the sun sets on you.

Yes, I am talking about the retirement planning. It is very difficult for a person, working in an organisation to digest the fact that you are going to retire. The need for a spectacular financial plan to have a retirement planning for a citizen of India has gained importance in the recent times.  The family structure has changed considerably in India, where in era of joint family system has changed and now we are having the nuclear family set up in India. 


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èBest Retirement Plan: Selection of a correct retirement plan is vital for people going for investments. You must start planning        for retirement, the moment you start earning the money.It helps you to select in on a good retirement plan. 


èSave From Taxes: The retirement plan that you choose must be good and save you from tax net. You must also know fact that understanding income tax rules, helps you to overcome the income tax liability and create more money. 

èDo Not Forget Inflations: Cost of the essential commodities has increased considerably. This play a pivotal role in selecting proper retirement plans in India. Medical costs are very high, and hence your retirement plan must be able to bear expenses in a systematic manner. 

èLife Expectancy: You must have a clear idea, about the life expectancy of an average Indian. It is very difficult to predict, the average life of an individual. Various kinds of healthcare related issues do crop up. Hence take up a retirement plan suiting your requirements in a logical fashion. 

èSet Your Realistic Targets: After retirement, life should look rosy. Furthermore, various tasks can take place like your son’s marriage, daughter’s education, grand children’s schooling and others. Keep lot of funds for medical expenses and do a logical assessment on yourself.

èWary Of Market Fluctuations: The investment is major thing and be wary of the market fluctuations in India. Do investment in financial products, but make sure that it is genuine. Unit linked Insurance Plan (ULIPis a superior plan, playing a very major role in protecting your requirements. 

èGood Emergency Plan: You must have proper plan to get rid of emergency situations. Lot of money is required at this stage of life. Improper government policies and retirement benefits forces one to have a good retirement plan.

èSpectacular Protection For Wives/Kids: Family of the policyholder holds prime importance. Your wife and kids take centre stage and taking up good retirement scheme/benefits play a major role in giving them protection. 

èAttend Seminars On Retirement Planning:  Just because your active working life ends do not mean that you can relax. Go to nearest community hall/centre and attend seminar on retirement. This play a major role in deciding time for retirement.

èManage Your Stress Level: You need to take the help of Moneymindz personalised financial experts, advising in order to give you more control on your finances and future in a logical fashion. 


So make your life after work also count and build a golden nest.


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