• India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory
  • India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory
  • India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory

India is a land of tremendous opportunities. This nation has grown by leaps and bounds, ever since obtaining independence in 1947. We are showing lot of improvement in various fields. Talking about economic growth and development, five year plans have been playing a pivotal role in development of Indian economy.

Finance is the major part of any business and people from various walks of life apply for jobs in various business enterprise. However, few lucky ones get into regular 9am to 5pm jobs. Not to worry, those who are not able to get good company oriented jobs, they go in for the establishment of their own business. This is known as start ups.

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The business growing up with limited capital and manpower is known as start up companies. India is a base for various start up companies present and do require lot of finance to manage one in a systematic manner. 

Popular Ways To Fund the Start Ups In India are:

Family and Friends: Friends and family play a pivotal role in providing strength/motivation/power for an individual to set up start ups. They play a vital role in setting up a commanding company base in India.

Bootstrapping:  A unique business term, where in one can start business without any external assistance. Most of them prefer starting business on their own as it helps in raising money.

Funding Websites:  The existence of various websites raise lot of money for the development of various companies in India. Furthermore, it also helps in problem resolution regarding financial issues in a logical fashion. 

Impact Investors: These classes of people are traditionally very rich and invest in any organization. They do not mind in investing in the start up companies, where returns will be very less. 

Investors:     People who are very rich and offering the financial assistance for establishment of business start ups/companies/enterprises in a systematic manner. These people are traditionally rich and might claim ownership.

Bank Loans: Various banks are set up in India offering loans at attractive interest rates in India. They have got financial expertise and offer loan with security/loans without security as well.

Accelerators: There are lot of establishments acting as the mentors, guides, leaders, finance coaches, playing a unique role in offering assistance to start companies in India. They offer financial /non financial assistance to owners, of the new start ups in India. They work for a fixed duration and time and make sure that the start up grow and develop in a systematic and satisfactory manner.


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So, like others, are you going to run behind a bank for loans or be unique and take bold steps for creating a start up In India? I leave this question to readers.


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