IS THIS YOUR FIRST JOB? HERE IS A SIMPLE SET OF GUIDELINES ON HOW TO INVEST YOUR FIRST SALARY? India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory India’s First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory

You completed graduation with extreme hard-work and dedication. After completing graduation with flying colours, the next major task is to hunt for a stable job. You started hunting job and landed into one. After working for 30 days without taking any leaves, a special day arrives. The salary credit took place on your bank account, and the first salary of your life in corporate life.

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No doubt, you are excited to get the first salary, after getting your first salary; you purchase something for your parents, close friends and relatives. You must also make sure that you spend salary in a judicious manner. Here are some of the steps to be undertaken, when you receive the first salary. India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory

Create A Good Budget: Since you are earning well, no doubt you will have lot of expenses in the future. You must draw a neat list of budget, about the amount you earn and the amount you spend. This provides a general idea about income and expenditure. 

Think About Future: After receiving first salary, you must understand about your goals and priorities. You must chalk out a plan for the future. This will give you the much needed road map to visualise your future growth in an organised and acceptable manner.

Invest Well: Use the amount you earned, in order to invest in various financial products like insurance, bonds, debentures and others. Take full knowledge about various financial products before doing any investments.

Create An Emergency Fund:  You need to take some part of the salary and invest the amount in an account used only for the emergency purposes. Furthermore, you must be fully prepared to handle financial issues. You must also protect from various financial difficulties, as it can eat into your savings account.

Take An Insurance Plan: Please save lot of money, to assist themselves in their savings. Emergency fund is the ideal one for small activities like purchasing groceries, and others. Serious issues like accidental cases, disease, death, medical emergencies and others can be covered with suitable insurance policies. In the beginning, one can concentrate on taking a reasonable insurance policy with small premiums.

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Purchase Everything: The first salary is always special and hence you will do two things with it. Save the salary and purchase certain things you always wanted to possess like Camera, Computer, Bike, cloths and others. 

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So, utilize your first salary in a judicious manner and make the experience a sweet thing to remember.


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