Do you have any idea what to do with the most common medium of exchange?

DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH THE MOST COMMON MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE? India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory India’s First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory

                The signals turn green, all the cars started their engine and everyone was in a hurry, honking of cars made him impatient as the machine denied to start repetitively. And after showing some signs of movement it suddenly stopped in the middle of the cross when an automotive vehicle kissed its left side keeping the owner and his/her car in mayhem. Now who is responsible – the car or the motor truck driver? This would be a very lame time to debate and we Indians usually prefer that because if you watch carefully, the nearby crowd would howl upon the driver and beat him up instead of taking the injured to the hospital.             India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory


                     So why I am telling you this story? Driving a car is risky and that too if you didn’t have proper sleep last night. So for remediation of this sort of fortuity let’s look out for options. Yes, you got it right – Insurance. Many people doesn’t have the funds to pay for vehicle damage and other accidents so insurance companies take the risk on covering the customer’s expenses. The insurance companies collects a monthly premium from the customer which provides a pool of funds to pay out customers. This is ultimately the bread and butter for an insurance company – managing on behalf of others.

                 Now a day’s most of the people have their money in bank savings account and the biggest investment is either a mansion or a bungalow. People do not have time and knowledge to think about investing and that is why mutual fund became so popular.

                  Moneymindz have Certified Financial Planner(CFP) and Qualified professionals choose and monitor each fund’s investments and create a portfolio which would consist of stock, bonds and money market instruments. Company’s generally don’t do anything by themselves, but owns investments. Some mutual funds specialize in stocks, some in bonds, gold and real estate.

            A sound plan, well researched details, calculations and prudent risk strategies might delve you into a strong feeling of selling all the assets which might not be productive as worst things happen in sickening market volatility. When it comes to mutual funds, costs matters, tax efficiency matters, income matters and all this need to be weighed against each other. All that matters is the value which you pay.

                   Always take risk but too an extent which might not be malicious to you. So a proposal for your appropriate action or course – Contact Moneymindz.


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