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MoneyMindz.com India’s First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory

Real estate in India is taking a tremendous growth and development in India. Process of investing in the real estate is said to be a very tough and expensive process. You are working in a company and would love to purchase house, flats, apartments, Dupleix, and other related assets.

Many of them do mistakes while investing in the real estate segments in India. This is because of ignorance and confusion prevailing in the real estate segments.

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MoneyMindz.com India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory

Various Traps To Be Avoided For Property Investors

Major traps needs to be avoided for the property investors in India, and given below as follows:

1. No Proper Research: Knowledge is the major characteristic of real estate establishments. Due to lack of any research on any real estate concepts, people end up purchasing an asset, not matching their expectations. 

2. Prices of Assets:  Prices of the real estate assets, like the houses, flats, apartments, Dupleix, villas have gone up and down to a great extent. The ambition revolves around understanding price of various assets like villas, house, apartments, flats, Dupleix and others. People in India do not check price of real estate components properly, leading to major confusion.

3. Market Conditions: Most of the market situation is said to be very volatile. It goes up and down in a click of a button.  Real estate market is very sensitive and rise and fall in the price of asset is solely influenced by market fluctuations.

4. Purchasing Wrong Asset at Wrong Price:  The process of purchasing the wrong asset/property like flats, apartments, independent house, Dupleix and others at a wrong price is the major mistake done by customers. 

5. Under-estimating Expenses: Mostly, people go ahead and purchase the assets/property, by keeping low cash under their belt. This is very hazardous as it can lead to cash crunch at time of purchasing the assets.

6. No Adequate Insurance: If you are not taking proper insurance, it is your biggest mistake. This will not offer protection, against any accidental damages. 

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7. Correct Loans:  Every type of the loans are not same, especially the home loan. Home loan do come with various interest rates and features. You must be careful in choosing the correct home loans to purchase flats, houses, apartments and Duplex.

8. Do Not Invest In Something You Don’t Understand: You must not invest in any realty segment, you do not understand like real estates. Take advice from the expert in order to invest and then go ahead. 

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These are the hurdles to be avoided, while purchasing real estate assets/property in India.


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