Investment is an essential component of our economy. Investment in financial segment is higher compared to other segments in India. Consistency and purpose is the two cornerstones of investment techniques in India. One must invest in a systematic manner to achieve desired results. Wise investment will make the person rich and lazy investment will make a person pauper.

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The amazing and hottest investment areas are:

PPF (Public Provident Fund):

A fantastic savings avenue, brought in by the ministry of finance in 1968. Interest is not taxable in nature and encourages savings among Indians. PPF can be opened at authorized, nationalized and post offices in India. Period from April 1st—March 31st is the deposit year for the PPF. You can deposit using cheques, cash, online fund transfer and demand drafts.

National Savings Certificate (NSC):

It is a major source of investment among the Indians. Minimum investment is INR 100 and you can select 5 year/10 year period. Interest is credited to the person, only when policy matures.

Senior Citizens Savings Scheme (SCSS):

This is a savings that can be done by senior citizens. A person should cross 50 years for SCSS. One can get amazing tax savings under 80CC with higher rate of interest.

Money Market Funds (MMF):

A unique kind of fixed income mutual fund, believing in debt securities, along with minimal credit risks. It can be taxable and exempted, depending on nature of securities available in market.

Fixed Deposits At Banks (FD):

The highest level of financial instruments, offered by the banks is the fixed deposits. This provides investor with rate of interest higher than the savings account.

National Pension System (NPS):

It is a major component, used in offering financial security, stability to people during old age. One can invest and enjoy fruit of investment in form of savings and get regular income.

ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme):

It is a major concept of mutual fund segment and the benefits under the section 80C. It consists of the Principal Personal Tax Saver Fund and the Principal Tax Savings Funds. Believes in long term capital growth and consist of equity related securities.

Real Estate:

You must have a roof over your head and piece of land is becoming costlier than diamond. Realty is a good investment and can be done with help of low interest rate housing loans.

Gold Investment:

Indian culture is incomplete without gold. Gold is major component that can be pledged in bank to get money. Gold exchange traded fund (ETF), since making charges, theft, storage issues are not present.

So now you know. What are you waiting for? Contact investment advisor right now and make a huge difference in your irritating life.

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