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               MoneyMindz.com India’s First Free Online/ on-call Financial Advisory                                     

Imagine you are having all the comfort and luxury in the world and enjoying it to the maximum. You have lot of hard cash and do not know what to do with it. So you started spending the money left, right and centre.

Furthermore, due to this reason, your cash reserves came down very badly. You did not have any clue, about saving your hard earned money and did not know about the place to invest the money.

Moneymindz enters the scene, and has the army of personalised financial advisors, having wealth of knowledge, to advice on various financial products under the sun.

Million Dollar Question —Where To Invest?

Let me break the concept into simple parts, what is good for a cow, will not be acceptable to the lion. Assume the fact that you may/may not have sufficient money under your belt.

Not to worry, you can invest certain part of your hard earned money on financial and non-financial products. I am here to talk about the financial products. Some of the major financial products, where one can go ahead and invest your hard earned money are given below as follows:

National Pension Schemes:

The perfect financial products open to every citizens of India. One can obtain super tax exemption as per Section 80C. Furthermore, the interesting part is that it is important to purchase 40% of the corpus taken through the NPS during the retirements.

Term Insurance:

Let’s face the fact. You must earn well in order to invest well. You must do certain things like purchase a Term Insurance cover for you and your family. IRDA (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority) assist a person to obtain a cover 20 times more than annual income. So, it is simple, if you earning is 10 lakhs, you are eligible for coverage of 2 Crores.

A good house:

After demonetization, cost of real estate segment has come down. This is an open invitation, available for anybody to invest in realty segment.


One may doubt, as to whether investment in stock market can take place. The stock is always subjected to market fluctuations and select stock having the less fluctuations in the market.

Tax Savings Schemes:

One can invest the money in the mutual funds, NSC, PPF, Savings account, fixed deposits and other components in a logical fashion.

Fixed Deposits/Recurring Deposits:

This is creating ultimate waves in the silent stream of the financial markets. One can open the fixed deposits/recurring deposits in the bank and invest your hard earned money. Please do check about FD/RD rates.

Money in Gold:

Process of investment in gold is good and Indians have history of depending on gold more than others. Prices of gold has increased and  hence ideal place to invest. Gold Exchange Traded Funds are the ideal place to invest.

Money in IPO:

When you invest in the IPO, the returns will be always higher. Check for companies having good IPO and invest accordingly.

So, get rid of all confusions and invest wisely to earn better.  Have the maximum fun in life.

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