You must have done a lot of savings in a logical manner. Any savings that is managed in a professional manner is known as the equity mutual funds.

For example: gold fund is the best example of the equity mutual funds.

Many investors are present in India dealing with safer avenues like the company and bank related deposits. None of the investors in India are interested in investing in line of business like Commodities market, Real estate, Gold and Health Care related markets in India.

Some of the major goals of the equity funds are as follows:

Capital Gains:

Let me explain, how it works. Say your company has earning of INR 5 Crores in cash, a table making equipment and huge fleet of vehicles. You generate lot of cash and table making machine makes table with 20% profit margin, and vehicles do deliver the vehicles on time. It does consist of equipment, money and people.


The entry of money into your account is the income. Wages are the major components of income and play a vital role in investments.

Breathtaking Benefits One Can Have With Equity Funds:

No Commission:

 This is the best part. You, as an investor can avoid the commission and brokerage fees at one go. This makes the equity funds a fund to reckon with. It is fast becoming a runaway hit in India.


One can get various exposures to stocks, due to equity funds. It is like putting many eggs in different baskets. This helps in avoiding any chances of eggs breaking. Best part is that one never loses money on investments. It is one of the dynamic models to invest.

Regular Investments:

The equity mutual funds are vital in encouraging small investment on a regular basis. SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) do come into the picture at this time. It is good in encouraging new person to invest in equity mutual funds in a logical manner. This encourages long term creation of wealth.

Great Tax Benefits To Boast:

One of the finest aspect of equity mutual funds, is that amazing tax benefits gets added, especially under Section 80 C and D. For example: Mohan invested 4 lakhs under ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme). He invested and later deducted up to INR 1, 50,000 from his salary (that is taxable) to reduce tax burden.

Capital Growth:

Amazing part of the equity mutual fund is investment increases to another level. One can do investment on a regular basis and if company growth, rewards will be great.

So, take that first step in making a practical investment decision in investing in Equity Mutual Funds.

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