All forms of life are connected and related to each other like branches of a tree. Nature has always existed. It is the movement in the universe that shaped the planets, carved the surfaces and set foundations to allow life to flourish.

  • Palaeontologists say dinosaurs were not only meat-eaters but also they were caring parents too.
  • A lion with his partners hunts down a deer and takes the prey to its cubs to feed.
  • An elephant on a hot afternoon, showering its younger ones with the long flexible snout – all these instances show unconditional love for their offspring.

It is same for any living being, whether they are animals or birds or humans – the feeling and exhibiting concern and empathy for their child. Human beings are far more intelligent than animals and our system of protection is distinctly separate from the uncivilized. We do not hunt down anyone for safety – well that is where we become hypocrites.

Humans engage into un-civilized activities far more than animals, now a day, which is a pity for us – Mankind. Defending against atrocities should cover in certifications. We have passed Neanderthal age by degrees to a very different age called Modern era. So many institutions have been set up for protections i.e. securing your future and your closed ones.


The term insurance has had effectively hit us when we think of our family in our absence. There are so many forms of insurance – Life, Wealth, Child solutions, Tax solutions and so on. The deeper we go, the more complicated it gets. Neanderthal Age was simple where you can kill to eat or protect – none shall interfere. However, as centuries passed slowly humans slowly begun to employ their brains and thus here we are – Standing.

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