Are Reel Life Celebrities Awful Promoting Financial Products?


The product celebrity endorses apparently brings attention to the viewers or customers. That is the reason why manufacturers, retailers, and brands are inclined towards shedding millions to get celebs as the outward appearance of their product. Yet a new study shows that sometimes, the celebrity endorsement is an exceptionally bad and unpleasant idea.

If you are an insomniac or a habitual channel surfer, there are chances that you have come across a late-night infomercial that made you wondering if the product really works. A bald person suddenly grows hair by using some chemicals for two weeks. A trencherman refrain himself from food by putting on some belt and he even grows thinner within a matter of month.

It was an exuberant debut for one of our cricketing legends when an insurance company signed him for a half-marathon in the concluding part of last year. Another widely known insurance company campaigned on twitter against child labour which was supported by some eminent personalities in both cricketing and entertainment world through social media.

Getting big names for a traditional campaign had pierced a big hole in their budget but the columns in a balance sheet adjusted by shorter campaigns and popular cause. A notable life insurance company also sponsored a talent hunt program with four renowned celebrities as judge. When the executives have been asked, they simply express that the campaigning have been done for branding and people will remember many years after its closing. However, insurance, mutual funds are excessively risky to invest. Without proper advice and knowledge, it seems foolish to buy a financial product that is out of one’s reach. Normally necessary products and sometimes – luxurious items are compatible but following your favourite celebrity who is endorsing some insurance, who himself/herself does not have any idea about the product is revealing stupidity. Biscuits, chocolates, fruit drinks etc. are short-term branding but a financial product will destroy a financially illiterate fellow in long-term. We might not touch celebrities’ position and a loss can fetch us in road. So before going for these sorts of foolish ideas, think from your mind, use your grey matter and perambulate. Celebrities paid heavily for appearing in advertisements for 2-3 minutes and we are just spectators.

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