Faith In Moneymindz Restored – Both Of Them Secured From Approaching Tempest

FAITH IN MONEYMINDZ RESTORED – BOTH OF THEM SECURED FROM APPROACHING TEMPEST India's First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory India’s First Free Online / On-call Financial Advisory

Meet Tiya:

  • Married to Sourav, has four daughters
  • House-wife
  • Maintains a grocery book and she loves to shop from all the local supermarkets to save as much as she can.

Tiya’s financial situation:

  • Shared retirement savings: Rupees 5,90,000
  • Mortgage: Rupees 2,00,000
  • Auto loans: Rupees 1,45,000

Tiya and Sourav love the fact that Sourav can afford for Tiya to stay home and raise their children. Nevertheless, it requires some careful allocation of money to make everything work. Fortunately, she loves to pursue for a good deal, hates to buy something spontaneously, and enjoys going to great lengths to knock off a rupee for household necessity.

However, there is a minor difficulty: Tiya is pregnant again. This is great news, of course, but she needs to make new adjustments to the budget. It also made Tiya thinks that maybe it is time to buy some life insurance; because if anything happens in future Sourav will be able to afford to hire a nanny or becomes homebody.

Tiya starts her research by checking out blogs she follows to see what they have done in the past. She sends Sourav off to work with questions to ask his co-workers. She is not looking for something overwhelming by a bunch of jargon. She is just looking for the basics, in plain English, so she can get the best value possible.

What should she buy?

  • Tiya doesn’t earn, but the productivity she provides for the family will be too expensive to replace like
    • childcare and transportation
    • managing the family finances
    • household chores and maintenance
  • Tiya’s husband Sourav makes enough to cover the mortgage, but his job includes a lot of overtime. Tiya wants to make sure that, in the event of her death, Sourav has the financial freedom to choose a new path in life if he feels.

Someone, one of Tiya’s relatives recommends her, the best free financial advisory service so she checks it out. Although she is sceptical at first but their approach impresses her. She likes their advices – there is no salesperson talk getting in the way, and best of all, she is presented with cites about different insurers adjacently, exactly the way she prefers to shop.Ultimately Tiya decides to buy a 15­-year term policy for Rupees 1,500,000

She knows she could have optioned for a longer-term policy, but she backed-off because of her limited budget. The baby turns out to be another daughter naming her Antara after Sourav’s great grandmother.

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