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What is Mutual Fund?

Mutual funds are pool of money from various investors and it is an easier process than buying individual stocks and bonds. Many advisors have asked their clients to dissever their investments between large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap schemes than investing the entire sum in a multi-cap or diversified equity schemes. “Funds which are focused on specific caps have the potentiality to perform better”, as said by a mutual fund advisor based in Bangalore.

Depending upon the speculation of the fund manager, multi-cap or schemes with increased options are supposed to invest across stocks in different market capitalisation. The apportioning to each of the market-cap varies for different strategies. Some plans have fixed symmetry while some change it dynamically depending on the condition of the market.

How to invest Mutual Fund?

However, if we look the other side, a large-cap, mid-cap or small-cap scheme have to invest commonly in stocks in the specific market capitalisation. That means a scheme of large-cap would invest predominantly in large-cap stocks, while mid-cap scheme would invest mostly in mid-cap stocks.

“A person with high risk appetite can distribute the investments manually,” as quoted by a mutual fund advisor based in Bangalore. 

Let us share a real example where a person invests Rupees one lakh each for two of clients on November 6, 2014.  While one of the clients preferred to invest in multi-cap schemes, the other one decided to go with the recommendation of a mutual fund advisor splitting the investment between different funds with a focus on specific category. 

A calculation for the returns of the clients after 2 years i.e. on November 7, 2016, has been done where it have seen that the client who invested in a particular category focused scheme, earned 5 per cent more. The CAGR for the portfolio of the first client was around 7.96 per cent, whereas the portfolio of the other client returned only 1.63 per cent. 
MoneyMindz carried out this experiment and people were satisfied by investing in mutual funds, using our Free Financial Service and Advices. So contact us quickly for getting better returns by investing in Mutual Funds.

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