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Ranjan resides in the sleepy town of Bankura in where his father owned a large farmland in the 2014. His father’s premature death in early 2015 left the two children to lead different paths in their lives. They sold the land and divided the amount of Rs.4, 80, 000 equally among themselves. Ranjan, being the elder with a sister, was married for two years and had a year old son. On parting with his sister, he was tangled and devoid of any idea, he should choose for himself as all his life he had worked on the fields.

In early 2010, Ranjan’s father set up the company’s first plant there to manufacture tyres, rubber and wheels of a car. It was then called Torque of Eastern India Ltd. and were listed on the stock exchange soon after. Over the years, many residents of Bengal worked at the plant and several residents were shareholders of the company. Afterwards, Ranjan became Chairperson of the company.

As Ranjan sat near a tea-shop, a young stockbroker from Medinipur stopped to ask a question. That person had come to buy as many shares as he could on behalf of some clients. The person asked whether he knew anyone there who owns shares in that factory by pointing to the plant. Ranjan replied that the owners of the factory stay in Kolkata.

In short the person explained Ranjan, how owning a share could make one a part owner in the company. This made him curious and the interaction continued for 30 more minutes. Ranjan helped the person to go door to door to collect shares from willing sellers in very small town and bought 150 shares of Rs.200 face value, thus investing Rs.15, 000. The rest, he invested in starting a trading business.

       This was a small story as it transcended to something gigantic now with thousands of shares. The person at teashop was an advisor from MoneyMindz, the Free Financial Advisory Service In India. The company went onto become of the largest wheel manufacturer in the country.

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