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Let us begin our story with an aged tiger, lying in its cage, ruminating on its past which begins with its cub hood with parents around, playing with other mates. As time passes, it begins to live wild days in a jungle hunting down herbivorous animals, which is by no means cruelty, but ecological. Things seem to go backwards when a group of men attack and take the animal captive for circus. The rest of the life it stays in a cage, as a circus star. It gets more stardom when a film crew hires it for a scene. Hell breaks loose when the carnivore breaks away and wanders around everyone without a single roar coming out from its mouth. Is it still ruminating on its path or is it sick? People are terrified as they call some random nearby local person to shoot it for safety.

However, it is not the fault of that innocent animal? Why it has been kidnapped from its state? When the tiger was about to be shot, an ascetic appears on the scene. The man with a 3 feet beard and almost half-naked, starts chanting mantras as the meat-eater gaze at him. A few minutes later, the tiger strolled towards the ascetic and sat down, waging its tail like a dog and blinking constantly. Murmurs started all around, the obvious question being “How?”  ,”Who is the person?” Is he an alien from distant galaxy?”, “How did he tame the animal?”. He is nothing but a sannyasi that abdicates everything, changes into a new personality, forgets about ancestors, and keeps no marks of past and lead a life of recluse. It is either because of frustration, personal tragedy or some illumination to seek change.

This was just a story adapted from an old writer’s book. However, the reason to depict is that here – You are the tiger. All your life, you study, work to earn money and then, deceived by some false agents for seeking coverage (usually insurance). When you try to pull that money back, people will smile, instead of help, which is another form of shooting or pelting stones. This may happen with all financial products.

Moneymindz, being the sannyasi, is your saviour. Be our companion to get the best free financial services and advises.

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