Movies Can Motivate Your Financial Planning Goals

Performing multiple roles effortlessly every single day, women are undoubtedly the backbone of any society. Women around us play doting daughters, caring mothers, competent colleagues and a wide range of many other roles flawlessly and with grace. Similarly, Aamir khan’s new movie Dangal also deals with women, who have broken all shackles by coming out victorious. It is not about men winning medals and bringing pride to the nation, women also play a big role by taking us a step forward. Financial planning, on the other hand is the same thing, which can be dealt by both the sexes, irrespective of their cast, creed, colour etc.

  • In the movie, Aamir khan dreamt of gold medal but never became the special one. He tried to emulate it by his daughters and was successful in doing so. Financial planning is also similar which does not only deal with investments but proper calculations for EMI, insurance, managing funds and proper implementation, protection and monitoring. Sum up, financial planning is an ongoing process.
  • Aamir khan taught his daughters for many years to achieve the feat. His aim was to make them successful so he started building them from a very young age because he knew it was a long-term process. Similarly, financial planning should have a vivid vision, whether it is short-term or long-term but the purpose is focus – it can be retirement plans, child insurance or anything.
  • There should be a disciplined approach. Likewise, Aamir khan made his daughters work for years so they can receive applause for their accomplishment. Equivalently, financial planning is also a long-term process where one has to be risk tolerant by watching the market carefully daily instead of being panic-stricken by volatilities.
  • It is completely foolish if you say women cannot fight. Strength lies in strategies and performance on the field, so never think of not making money because of your upbringing in a middle-class family. A person can make crores of rupees if they save Rs. 2500 for 25 years for retirement, which will reach around Rs. 1.5 crores.

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