It was Monday morning, when people who regularly play with their TV remote for stock market news suddenly switched their channel to see the fluctuations of players for the tenth season in IPL bifurcating from their regular keenness on stock indices. Indeed, it is truly a magnificent event as of pollsters predicting election outcomes and analysts for stock market, cricket gurus were no behind in analysing who would be the most expensive player yesterday. Every season amazes us with a wonder kid sold for a walloping amount, usually a familiar face most of the time.

But, in this season, it was something different when the trend line changed its course and some not so well known players were sold for crores. T. Nataranjan, MD. Shiraj and Aniket Chaudhury all came out from the ashes beating notable players like Pujara and Ishant Sharma, for whom viewers went crazy to be a part of their territorial team. Another underdog from Karnataka, K. Gowtham caught our eyes when Mumbai Indians took him for two crores. Finally, people may call it luck but dedication and sheer hard work always pays off even during a series of unfortunate events like Brexit and Demonetization, Ben stokes was the man with the longest smile.

Big companies are expected to perform and people like going there – It is like for safety and backup. Little do they know that they might end up failing to understand what they are planning, what they are buying and what they are getting? Advices are similar to preaching. People speak, plead or argue in favour of someone. Likewise, before getting into a big company for insurance policy, mutual funds etc., it is better to have a hand on them or precisely an “idea” on the products that you are likely to buy. When people expected big players to come out wealthiest, some unknown figures became the news on Monday. It was truly unexpected and surely, this world is full of equivocality.

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