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India is prominent for the heart disease capital of the world. Indians are genetically more susceptible to develop heart diseases because our foods are rich in fats and carbohydrates. This coupled with a lifestyle, which requires sitting and little activity adding stress, only makes us even more prone to heart ailments.

Coronary artery disease has rose to 32% among Indians below the age of 40 and they are more at risk compared to Americans, Europeans and others Asians. The number and cost of surgery is rising every year and open-heart surgery is a dreadful process.

Are med claims or Critical Illness Plans sufficient for our heart conditions?

For heart care, we rely on med claim or Critical Illness plans which may not be enough for our families and us. Today, because of medical inflation, the financial impact of any heart ailment can be lethal. A normal med claim is likely to fall short and a Critical Illness plan may not be comprehensive enough to cover many of the heart conditions.

The medicinal and technological advancements have changed the definition of the words ‘critical’ or a ‘terminal’ disease significantly. Many of the diseases, which took away lives and were deadly, are likely to be terminal back in the day are not even considered very life threatening now.

Nevertheless, in the case of illnesses like heart attack and cancer, they need to reach a certain level of severity to fall under the domain of a Critical Illness cover. For example, most plans cover heart attacks, CABG and Aorta Surgery but not problems like Coronary Angioplasty or Insertion of Pace Makers etc.

Plans should cover every illness. Plan should be compact and this will not ever come as a gift until people get proper advices.

Moneymindz, the best free financial advisory service will guide you against all terminal illness.

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