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The winter made the evening darker and gloomier. The valley, filled with mist, thicker and denser, seemed made it deeper and darker. The moisture got into everyone’s throat nostrils and most of the children came down with fever. 

Haggard’s crossing in the valley is a cold and unfriendly place. It is a four point crossing where tired travellers stopped to take rest. However, this place in the valley was not comfortable as most of the people avoided it due to unfortunate circumstances happened before. The deep and dark valley filled with dense mist obnubilated the serene beauty. The local people narrated that some horrific road accident happened at a winter night at Haggard’s crossing and the spirit of the deceased still rambles on frightening travellers who pass-by.

Joy lived at the head of the valley alone. He is an exceptional guitarist, stayed all by him only except when the neighbours called for supper or asked him for a glass of wine and play the guitar. His old friend Arun and his wife for a celebration asked once Joy to come over to play the guitar and have supper.  He assured whether anyone in his locality will be going as the valley was not safe at night and he needed lift. Everything sorted; Joy reached on time and started tuning on his strings, consumption of food and drinks happened to be in vast quantity while energized guests kept on dancing. When, joy rose up from the floor it was past midnight and his companions were gone leaving him alone. He felt heavy on his head and waved a drowsy farewell before leaving for home. There were two roads leading to his home, one being the avoided Haggards crossing. The other road saw a landslide and Joy was left with no option other than taking the shorter and dangerous route. By the time he reached the crossing, he seemed fresh. The cold winds have robbed him off his drowsiness. Adding to that, he spelt a chill down his spine when he started hearing voices.

Now, the villagers say they are literally afraid of taking the road as everybody can see two forlorn figures on a moonlit night.

Insure your car and drive safely. Joy did not have a vehicle but the person killed there was a drunkard, driving. Have some responsibility because we do not expect you to frighten people by becoming some wandering spirit. The premium paid for car depends on Insured Declared Value. For more information and queries for insuring your car, contact Moneymindz, the Best Free Financial Advisory Service.

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