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As Hollywood draped itself gorgeously on their biggest night, the 89th Academy award at Los Angeles with La La Land heading the race with maximum number of academy, a small blunder made the headlines. The award for the best picture was mistakenly given to La La Land instead of Moonlight. The ensemble cast of La La Land coruscated when suddenly one of the veteran actor and presenter apologized for announcing the wrong name. He even showed the envelope where the name of the winner was printed.  A famous auditing company has been handling this responsibility for 83 years and suddenly they had to apologize to the academy for such fault.

The whole crowd went perturbed because it indicates careless or overconfidence. Both are dependent on each other and when one error leaped up, academy is blaming the executives for miscounting. A real embarrassment for so many people – the mistakenly awarded winners who were delighted to add an extra prize on their cabinet, the academy for hosting such a big event, the guests, who never thought of such mishap and the auditors, responsible to count the votes. Mistakes happen and humans are not perfect but trying to avoid it and getting everything perfect is what everybody expects. Though it did not look as bad as both of them deserved equally but somewhere and somehow, it seems weird to be the headline of some disaster.

When an event of 89 year old can commit such mistake, then why not people with so low knowledge on financial services and products. It is not about blaming – individuals might not have time to go through everything and learn. Sometimes a bit of advice and some tips work.

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