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We all love to travel and for most people overseas travel is a wonderful and enriching experience, however being the unpredictable nature of travel, misadventures whilst on holiday do sometimes occur. The following are just an account of a real life couple who from real Insurance customers were having comprehensive travel insurance has really paid off – with Moneymindz Insurance advisory service even when they are a million miles from home, but never far from care.

Sagir and Poulomi travelled to Bogota in Colombia to visit their son and his partner who are working respectively in Colombia as an archaeology professor and as a History teacher at an international university.

A couple of days after arriving in Bogota, Sagir woke at 2.50am in the morning with severe lower-back pain and stomach cramping. After a couple of hours of excruciating pain and no improvement, Poulomi decided the time had come to call a taxi to take Sagir to a medical clinic which was nearby  the university where their son and daughter-in-law teach.

Shortly after arriving at the clinic examined Sagir, one of the clinic doctors provided him painkillers. An urologist also examined him a few hours later stated that Sagir was suffering from kidney stones.

Once the diagnosis had been made, Sagir immediately contacted his old advisory service Moneymindz, where he was quickly advised what to do. While at the clinic, Sagir received a series of follow-up phone calls from operators at the Moneymindz Advisory Service for an insurance to whom he assured about his treatment. They reassured him that he was receiving appropriate treatment.

He made several visits to the clinic for pain relief and asked an urologist for a CT scan. Thankfully, the stone passed and Sagir’s health improved without the need for surgery.

After getting the all clear, Sagir and Poulomi continued their trip to Bogota.

Arriving safely back in India, Sagir is very grateful he had travel insurance. “The comprehensive Moneymindz, Best Financial Advisory Service fulfilled its role and expectations in every respect and the claim was speedily and fully processed after the trip”.

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