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Nothing looks sweeter but a couple, who got into each other since college days and ended up getting married. Travelling under the night sky, stars blinking billions of light years away, and head rested on his shoulder, silent look into each other’s eyes with no one to bat eyes on them. Automatically a rendition of soulful piano and violin starts playing inside – a story about two young adults as they grew up together making memories. Ranjan, a banker married Sejuti, a digital marketing executive and are happy when a blessing news wrapped the couple in felicity. Sejuti was pregnant and she had plans for their future. Let us get into the accounts of one of her horrifying tales.

“I knew that having our first child meant that getting life insurance should be a top priority for both me and my husband. We researched policies, got a quote for an affordable term life insurance policy and had our medical exams. Imagine my surprise when, a few weeks later, the agent called me back and told me my new adjusted rate.

The cost of my policy had gone from a reasonable monthly fee they had quoted me—to nearly four times that amount. The reason, he said, was that my cholesterol levels were high. I called my doctor in a panic. Cholesterol levels always spike during pregnancy, she reassured me, and they probably will not be back to normal until a few months after you give birth.

After doing some research, I found that it is nearly always better to get a life insurance policy before you get pregnant to avoid potential price hikes brought on by temporary conditions during pregnancy. While some companies account for the fact that I gained weight due to the pregnancy, factors like higher blood pressure or postpartum depression can also affect your ability to get the best rates.

Now my daughter is three months old, and I am still waiting for my numbers to dip before starting again. I really wish I had known to start this process when trying to conceive instead.”

A blunder can harm people so much, maybe a lifetime. Therefore, it is better to take an advice before vouching for personal choices. Contact, Moneymindz, the Best Free Financial Advisory Services. An advice should pass rather than keeping to oneself.

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