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The word idleness used in two different senses – it some­times means the state of a man who is not employed in any work. Idleness in this sense is not blameable, as every man requires occasional periods of rest and recreation, and it is the height of folly to attempt to be always at work. When, however, we speak of the evils of idleness, we mean by idleness the neglect of work at a time when we ought to be working. There can be no doubt that the tendency to idleness in this sense is most prejudicial to virtue, happiness, and success in life. The boy, who allows himself at school or college to contract idle habits, is laying a sure foundation for failure and unhappiness in his future life. In the first place, his idleness prevents him from educating himself thoroughly for his future career. In the second place, the idle habits he has formed by wasting his time in the past will make it extremely difficult for him to work steadily in his profession or calling. Thus, both at school and in after-life the idle man finds himself distanced in the race by others of inferior abilities, who have the advantage of endowing with indus­trious habits. The idle man’s predominant feeling is aversion to work, but by the course he pursues he often defeats his own object. Few people are able to live in this world without having the necessity of labour imposed upon them, and those who through idleness neglect to work at the proper time often have to work all the harder in the end. In addition, an idle human being crushes all his money by keeping them just like itself. If the person carrying wealth will keep it idle, what will happen? Actually, the man himself is dumb so they have no clue what to do, instead keep them sitting idle.

Once there lived a very rich and miserly man in a village with immense wealth. He buried gold coins in the ground and use to count them every day. Two poor neighbours came for help but the man behaved so shrewdly that they had no other option but to leave heart-broken. In no time, the greedy person got a perfect lesson when a thief who have been noticing him counting coins everyday looted all the coins and replaced them with stones instead. What followed was a misery for the poor-hearted man. Therefore, the moral here is do not keep your money idle, start investing because it will be eroded by inflation. Start investing systematically to beat inflation and build wealth.

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