Tips To Invest In Stocks

💡 Invest only in good stocks:

Select few good blue-chip stocks after checking the company performance in past, present and its strategies for the future. Stick to those stocks and give your portfolio time to fetch laurels for you.

💡 Use only your surplus income to invest:

Always remember, investments are subject to market risks. Invest only the surplus funds in the market. Always keep yourself liquid for unknown contingencies.

💡 Never borrow to invest:

Instead invest intelligently with whatever you have, so you are not burdened. Borrowed sum will always bring in a lot of stress. Why stress yourself? Play it slow, play it safe.

💡 Avoid following what your peers do:

It is a typical tendency of newbies to buy what people in your circle are buying. This is a wrong strategy. Be open and be aware of what people around you are buying, but use your intelligence to understand the pros and cons of investment. Have faith in your research, instead on someone else’s research.

💡 Do not follow Tips blindly, even from an expert:

You may use the tips as an aid for your own research, don’t blindly follow tips. In addition, tips might be biased at times and you may fall prey to them.

💡 Do not let fear or greed influence your decisions:

Stocks can rise or fall unexpectedly in the dynamic market conditions. Always set your targets and your expectations from your investment.

💡 Do not ever panic in the market

Remember if you have invested in good stocks, they will most likely not betray you. So do not be influenced by crashes in the stock market.

💡 Have a target:

Even if your stock is performing exceptionally well, always remember the target you have set. Do not try to be greedy. Book profit when you have achieved your target. If not, chances are the stock may come down after market settles and you will have to wait longer to achieve you target.

💡 Do your research:

Last but Most important thing is research, study, and have faith in your own research. There is no better thing than your own hard work and knowledge that you put in. There are no shortcuts.

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