Mutual Funds Direct Plans

Ever since the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) introduced the game-changing alternative of direct plans in mutual funds there has been a significant rise in the portfolios switching to and investing in this option. Direct plans allow the investor to skip past the intermediary and invest with the Fund house directly. A direct consequence of this is an increase in returns as the investor retains the commissions paid to the distributors/agent.

Institutional and HNI investors pounced on the opportunity to earn better returns and as of January 2017, 65% of assets invested by these investors are in direct plans. However, only 12% of investments by individual investors are through the direct plans, despite the fact that direct plans were introduced for their benefits. The reason for this disparity is primarily the lack of awareness about direct plans among the retail investors. And those who are aware of this option find the existing means of accessing Direct plans tedious.

A recently launched investment portal aims to increase the awareness and popularity of direct plans among retail investors by offering a simple and informative portal dedicated to investment in direct plans of mutual funds. It offers a 100% paperless process through which investors can invest in new schemes or switch their current investments to direct plans ensuring that they get maximum benefits from their investments. Investing in direct plans can save the investors as much as 1.5% of their portfolio value every year. Investors can access through their website as well as the mobile app on their android phones, with the iOS app to be launched in the coming weeks.

For investors who are not well versed about mutual funds or who need help with their asset allocation, It offers an automated investment advisory that provides model portfolios tailor-made to the investor’s financial goals and risk tolerance levels. Over and above that, the investors have access to a vast library of news, views, developments and statistics related to mutual fund schemes and everything else that affects them. It also provides intelligent calculators to empower the investor with expected savings, past performance of schemes, wealth calculators and retirement planning. With this encyclopaedic level knowledge at their disposal, investors can make a well-informed decision on the right schemes to invest.

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