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Detailing his support for US President Donald Trump and his policies, Reliance Industries Chairman said on Saturday that it is time for a reverse brain drain to happen. Quoted, “It is high time that our brightest and best brains work for the benefits of India and Indians. We will see a reverse brain drain coming without doubt,” the chairman said while addressing at the India Today Conclave.

The chairperson added that we are really at the beginning of human history of fourth Industrial Revolution and this is the first technology-based revolution that will affect all of us as human beings. Some of our brightest people are working outside the country and by whatever faith if they are brought back to this country, and they work for our country, they work for 1.3 billions and they work to improve their lives and put together a new developmental model. There cannot be a better blessing in disguise.

Indian IT firms are under pressure following Trump’s stringent views on H1-B visa policy.

“All things happen in the world at the right time and the right place,” he said, adding that at Reliance, they bring back two or three leaders now from across the world every month. At the end of the day “har ek ka dil hai Hindustani”. People wants to do thing for India, we have to give them an opportunity. Speaking about data and information, he said: “Information in digital form can travel across the globe in a fraction of a second in negligible time. With the benefit of the Indian technology revolution, fully captured by India and Indians, we need to safeguard to ensure that most of the information generated in India remains within Indian border. Keeping data onshore will ensure, that talent technologies know how and investment will flow into India, rather than out of India and will create more jobs in India. He said like the Digital India and Make in India programmes, we need a ‘Keep in India’ initiative to pitch Indian data Made in India. This in turn will ensure that India develops a human capital and knowledge assets that allow it to retain its leadership position for generations to come.

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