How to Plan a perfect budget vacation?

Travel is a way to explore joy in life and discover self. Going on a holiday and taking a break from your personal and professional routine, helps in many ways.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

However, it could get difficult to accomplish your travel dream, if you are left with a limited budget and improper planning. If you wish to sneak in a great vacation, read through the post for the best tips to plan a gateway within your budget.

Set Up a Travel Savings Account:

Set up a targeted savings account for travel and keep adding to it, regularly. Saving in advance facilitates worry-free vacation. You will not have to go swiping your credit card and thereby avoid building up of the debt. A dedicated travel account would allow you to keep a track on your budget and spend within a limit.

In simple words, your vacation costs should not show an impact on other aspects of life like altering your credit score, disturbing your saving towards your kid’s education, etc.

Plan Ahead:

Decide your destination well ahead. Forecast your trip cost and keep saving accordingly. Once you decide on your destination, create a proper travel budget that includes costs on travel tickets, food, shopping, lodging, sightseeing and research about the cab expenses to travel one place to another.

Planning ahead aids in booking tickets at a lower cost. Last minute purchases are often expensive. Avoid plans during peak time or in the last hour. Off-season trips are always affordable. Get the travel insurance on the day you book your travel ticket.

It’s a cool insurance to cover your neck, when you are stuck at a remote airport because of flight delays, or get food poisoning because your stuff everything you see down your throat. According to the IRDAI, “Travel Insurance protects you and/or family against travel related accidents, unexpected medical expenditure during travel, losses such as baggage loss, loss of passport etc. and interruption or delays in flights or delayed arrival of baggage etc.

Now Question arises is it really necessary?

Yes, if you like your money, yes! When you are on an adventure trip and go for treks around scenic locations, the last thing you want is to worry about medical expenditure. Accidents can happen any time, any place, so it’s best to insure yourself for them. By personal experience, I got bitten by a bug (ugh) in Singapore, and was walking around with a swollen eye! It got medically treated and fully covered by travel insurance!

Stick to the Allotted Budget:

Check for budget-friendly packages. Do not forget to check for reviews or get a feedback on those who already availed the deal. It helps you pick the best available service.

Cut off on relying on credit cards during the trip so that you neither cross your budget nor increase your credit card debt. Avoid relying on tourist hotels for food. Research locally available food and drinks. It is not just a way to save money, but a chance to experience the local, seasonal tastes too!


A well-planned vacation helps you accomplish your travel dream within your budget. The Same formula applies, when it comes to your life journey. With complete financial planning based on your income, expenditure and assets, you could aspire to meet all your money goals in life.

For a holistic advice on financial planning to lead a stress-free life, approach online advisory like Moneymindz. Fulfill your life journey as desired.


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