Rules for Investing Successfully

In ‘Rules of Investment Success’ you read about all the steps that you must take as an investor while you are about to make an investment. Once you have started walking along the investment path you are feeling a certain bit self assured with all your investment choices. The feeling that success is inevitable because of the portfolio you have designed and soon enough returns will start rolling in.

 💡 Do Your Groundwork

In school when you failed to do your homework you not only got a scolding from your teachers you also felt like you are falling behind your class. You will be flooded by the same feelings if you don’t do your groundwork while going to make your investments. This time there will be no teachers to scold you but only your costly mistakes to show for your lack of investing knowledge.

Hence, while are you deciding upon your investments you are deciding upon the kind of financial future you want to build. Groundwork merely refers to basic knowledge and information about the products you are considering for investments.

 💡 There is No Free Lunch

There is no such thing as a free lunch and there is no such thing as free financial advice. It is human nature to not value things that are free. You pay for the services of a doctor, driver and plumber. So why not pay for the services of a financial adviser? Financial adviser is one such person who has expertise and knowledge in the field of finance. They understand the needs of the investor and provide customized solutions to the needs of the investor.

 💡 Know Yourself Better

Every human being is different from the other and no two investors are alike. While some like to go all out and invest in equities without the fear of the looming risks. Some like to take it slow and invest in a fixed deposit and Public provident Fund. Some try to strike a balance between debts and equities. You have to figure out what kind of an investor you are. Not everyone has the same capacity to take risks, maybe you like it low. It is alright to want to stay in your comfort zone.

 💡 Influence of Inflation

If you want to be a successful investor you have to get ahead of factors that could potentially bring your investments down. Inflation is one such primary factor that could adversely affect your investments. Have you heard of the idea of ‘Swim’? The idea states that no matter what happens humans rather keep swimming than sink. The idea is to be able to stay afloat to move on. Well, inflation around you still has to make your investments swim and not let them sink because of the heavy inflationary tides.

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