With malls and e-commerce websites everywhere, today’s young girls are exposed to quite a high spending choices ever. If you are one such girl who recently started earnings and is free to deal with your money, this post is for you!

Yes, now is the time to sort your money so as to lead a stress-free life ahead. You may not even want to think of it, but it makes sense when we are talking about securing financial future.

Calm down! It is not as complicated as it sounds. You do not have to totally cut down on your fun expenses. But, you have to budget it for sure. Give a thought on your most important financial goals in life and work in that direction. Here we listed 5 most important goals, every young girl should have.

1. Emergency Savings

We agree that you have a backup in the form of your family and well-wishers to look after you, any day. But don’t you think it is good to be independent? Be responsible for your life and be prepared for uncertainties. What if a health emergency happens to your parents or you lose your job all of a sudden?  

An emergency is something that can neither be foreseen nor be avoided. It makes sense to be prepared to face it. Open an emergency savings account and keep adding some money towards it, regularly. Experts advice setting up an emergency fund worth 6 months of regular income. The corpus in your emergency should be in liquid form but should only be dedicated for usage during emergencies.

2. Debt-free Life

Try not to get into debts. Nowadays, banks offer credit cards right during the salary account opening. Thus, exposing young earners to credit cards early on in life. Improper management may lead to debts.

Whatever be the kind of job or salary, be aware of your income and spending. Set up a budget. List out your monthly expenses. Make wise decisions on where your money should go in. It simply means, cutting down on unnecessary spending. Explore ways to have fun without really emptying your pocket.

3. Plan for Higher Education

To meet with your career goals and reach heights, you need to be constantly updated. You may have to enroll for new learning to increase skill set. Save from now to meet those needs without financial constraints. Especially, if you aspire for higher education overseas, which is a costly affair, start saving from now.

4. Marriage Goals

If you are one such girl who always dreamt of stunning marriage, start saving towards it. With right investments, you could accumulate enough for your trousseau. Plan for a honeymoon in Pattaya! Why compromise with Manali.

5. Retirement Planning

Retirement?? Yes, you read it right! Retirement may seem like million years away, as you just began to earn. Doesn’t matter! It is now that you should begin your retirement savings. Setting a goal with a long time frame is the most effective way to yield good returns.

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