5 Simple Steps To Getting Wealthy

Generally as Indians we love complicated things..but this blog is about simplifying, so here are some simple steps to getting wealthy:

1. Understand that small amounts make a difference: whether you are 22 or 55 understand that the best time to start is NOW. Even if you can invest only a small amount, START, NOW.

2. Understand that it is not necessary to worry about compounding. As long as you do not interrupt the process, it will work for you.

3. Love MONEY. Money is emotional, and does not stay with people who keep INSULTING it by saying ‘I do not care about money’…and such stupid statements. It just comes and goes..

4. Do what you love and money will follow: I am sure that if somebody had told Sachin Tendulkar…play cricket..at the age of 40 you will have a BILLION US $ – at 16 he would have laughed!

5. Financial mistakes do not kill, but they hurt. The worst thing about financial mistakes happens ONLY when you forget the learnings from the mistake..

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