Rules of Investing From Moneymindz

Many of us know that there are rules of Investing. We also know that Rules are meant to be BROKEN.

However whether you want to follow them or break them, there is no escaping knowing them! Here the aim is to warn YOU that  it is a complex world, and rules are not enough……

If you pick any book on investing you will find the following steps:

1. Have a plan

2. Make a budget

3. Save regularly, and then invest regularly

4. Know your risk profile, cover your risk. Take life and general insurance as per YOUR requirement.

5. Understand asset allocation – and stick to it like a discipline

6. Review regularly. I have no doubt that these are the golden rules.

However people who say this (other than trainers) have to sell you a product. And their life depends on how many people buy those products! So for all these rules to hold good commissioned products should do well. Financial Planners (by what ever name called) should be excellent in their integrity.

SEARCHING FOR A GOOD AGENT and knowing how to use him….sounds simple? ha!! try it.. Finding a good FINANCIAL PLANNER….?? what’s that?? Still searching? well join the gang….. Gimme a break.

That is too tough an assumption. So tomorrow I will give you the real Golden rules, happy investing!

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