` Find The health Insurance plan that fits you best !

Find The health Insurance plan that fits you best !

Hospital bills for very small to considerably large ailments are a pain. It’s difficult to meet such costs on our own without burning a hole in our savings. Also, with medical costs escalating, some even compromise on quality healthcare, because of affordability. It is then that the importance of health insurance comes into the picture.

Health Insurance provides us with the ability to afford better healthcare facilities for ourselves and our loved ones. What’s more, you can also enjoy tax benefits

Understanding the concept of health insurance Health Insurance in India, popularly known as med claim, is nothing but an Insurance which covers expenses related to necessary Hospitalization due to a Sickness or an Accidental Injury.

Let Take a example of advantage of health insurance which I personal got encourage to have an health insurance.

A few years ago, my friend Tia had just completed her PGDM and was working as an intern at a Digital marketing firm .Her husband had a job at an accounting firm, and it actually paid, but not much. They were struggling to get by, but they decided to splurge on a nice night out—dinner, dancing, that sort of thing. Tia wanted a new dress for the occasion, so I went to the mall with her in search of some good sales. We were going down the stairs when she tripped and fell—CRACK!

At first I thought she’d broken her ankle, but it wasn’t that. It was her tooth. Her front tooth. She looked at me, this terrified expression on her face, and there was a big gap right where that front tooth should have been.

She started crying. a really. She was sure she’d have to walk around like that for months, maybe longer, because she couldn’t afford to fix it. I took her home, and her husband laughed and told her it was OK. Tia got mad at him. Her tears stopped, and her face turned red with rage. I thought she might leave him. But then he explained that it was OK because he’d purchased Health insurance a few months ago. He thought he’d told her.

Maybe he’d forgotten to tell her, or maybe she just didn’t remember. It didn’t matter. She was so relieved. She started crying again, but this time they were happy tears. She called the dentist immediately. I’m surprised the receptionist could understand through all the blubbering, but got an appointment for the next day. The tooth was fixed, at almost no cost to her thanks to the insurance, and she went on a lovely date with her husband.

Or this:

I knew a woman who damaged her front tooth. She was really happy to have Health insurance.
So get a Health insurance and protect your family from uncertainties.

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