` A Perfect Gift For Your Sister, For Her Better Future

A Perfect Gift For Your Sister, For Her Better Future

The only insurance for the loving brother to gift her adorable sister.

Way back I was a young boy, Pursuing my last grade of college, where in, completed. Concentrating only on my upcoming exams, but always like none other friends in locality who were of good family and with good capital income. My parents never afforded me any kind of pocket money.

So, every RAKSHABANDHAN I used to gift my sister with just Rs.30 or Rs.50 that took me a long time to collect from my realtives or parents. I know, it wasn’t that enough for her, but she always welcomed my gift with a smile that was the greatest happiness. I ever got from her.

 Now since, I have completed my education and got a job to support my financial growth.

 I would, not like to gift, her with any amount, but rather make her confused by giving her an envelope. That consist of_____???

Guess What???

It’s, the “TRADITIONAL ENDOWNMENT POLICY”, for her future benefits, though if I am here or not with her. For the next “Rakshabandhan” Who knows what would happen? There are chances of I have no cash,or might be I am just jobless.

Go a way better, think a way smarter, In gifting your sister thus,the TRADITIONAL ENDOWNMENT POLICY benefits even after her brother’s not there.

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