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Money Management

Money is one of the important possessions to have to live and maintain a safe and secure life not only in present but also future life.
Money brings many benefits not only to the owner but also to others, though indirectly, when it is put into circulation. Money invested wisely into safe and risky avenues will always help in bringing more money.

The correlation between saving money and leading a better quality of life? Not just because you can buy more things, but because you get better at how you live. If it doesn’t add up.

Money makes life better when it is put to use to fulfil one’s deep rooted desires as well to fulfil the desires of near and dear ones.

Money helps in living and leading a quality life with one’s own resources.

When you develop the habit of managing money, research proves that you change how you think. You get better at regulating impulses and distracting yourself from temptations. Once your willpower gets into the groove, your brain becomes better at focusing on a goal. And better focus increases your chances of achieving your goal

Regulating impulses and handling money well leads to reduction of unwanted luxuries from life. You eat healthier and perform constructive activities, making better use of your time. Thus, you lead a better lifestyle than most of your peers.

That is the overall function of money. To help lead a safe , secure and qualitative life throughout one’s time on this planet earth as well as to fulfil the desires and dreams of self and other persons who are close to oneself.

But using money for the betterment of deprived sections of society makes life better in true sense. Using money to help other deprived members of society to help them meet their basis needs of education and helping them get useful employment brings a deep sense of happiness which makes life better not only for the beneficiaries but also for the person using his/her money in this manner.
Money,when utilised for selfish reasons, can bring ephemeral happiness only for some time but putting money to good use for the overall benefit of society brings long lasting happiness which makes the life infinitely better.

So to lead a truly better life, one must use and invest money to first satisfy needs and desires of one’s family and after that one must put money to good use for the benefit of other “not so lucky “sections of the universe. Seeing a smile on other faces gives immense satisfaction.
So put money to productive use.

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