Yes, money is not everything! Money cannot be the only means of happiness! But, money surely makes a difference when it comes to converting your dreams into reality, dealing with an emergency, or leading a comfortable life.

Here are more reasons to support why ‘more money’ should be your everyday mantra.

1. More money means more freedom!:

The freedom that allows you to try new things, offer more choices and make new investments. You deserve money as much as anyone else can. Aiming for more does not mean you are greedy, rather having more can equip you and place you in a better position to even be charitable, which you may otherwise cannot afford.

2. More confidence and purposefulness:

Nothing gets better in life than the sense of accomplishment. You could achieve all your life’s goals with ease, making all your dreams come true. You can offer excellent higher education to your kids at the same time enjoy a dream vacation along with your spouse. All these are possible with more money.

3. Rule out the stress of having less or insufficient funds:

Opposite to more money is less money, which can be sucking! Your sinking reserves can get you into stress. Meanwhile, if you have to face an unexpected expense, you look around for help and borrow money, which is not a good money behavior. Your money should be your savior when it comes to dealing with any sort of expansion or unexpected expense.

4. Effectively deal with inflation:

The tricky part of inflation is that it can’t be seen in the money we earn but can be seen only in expenses. Only earning more helps combat inflation and fulfill the future needs. Moreover, life is too short that people outlive their money very soon. Financial requirements grow with time, bringing in the need for more money.

5. You can retire early with dignity:

For many, retirement is the single biggest money concern and having more money can help you retire early with dignity. You will not be a dependant on your offspring. Have more money to make your retired life the happiest phase of life.

Get rid of every limiting idea or belief that blocks your way to deserving ‘more money’. Plan your finances thoroughly based on the current financial status. Periodical evaluation of the performance of your financial planning is important too.

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